One does not simply enter an AnimChallenge lightly! This month, we want to give you the chance to animate your favourite Memes. Will you take the audio from your favourite Meme and animate that, or will you show us how your favourite Meme came to be...why is that girl smiling so evilly in front of a burning house? How did the cat get its head stuck in the bread? Most importantly, I can has Cheezburger?

Happy Animating!

* Only submissions created specifically based on the challenge's theme will be considered for voting.
** Must be created during the month of the challenge. Previously created or posted animations before the challenge began will not be considered.

Upon submission of an animation, you hereby agree to abide by the AnimChallenge Official Rules and Regulations


How Do We Find Our Winners?

Our top three entries are determined by the number of likes each submission gets during the specified voting period. Each like is when the thumbs-up icon underneath the video player is hit. To be notified of when voting commences and ends, keep an eye on our social media platforms, or check the website for a banner underneath the menu that announces when voting has started.

In the case of a tie, the supervisors of Agora.Studio will declare the winning entry. For any of our special challenges where the major prize pool includes cash or exclusive prizes, the voting will be solely determined by the Agora.Studio supervisors.

Can I copy a shot that already exists?

You can't copy the work of someone else, if you do it for learning purposes, you can post it on the Facebook group if credits and a link to the original shot are in the description.Technical Problems? Questions about animation principles or looking for feedback? Join the Agora.Community Discord channel
Share your learning journey with the community!