| Ravi Kamble
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Ravi Kamble


Ravi is currently a supervising animator at Dreamworks Animation. He has been active in the animation industry for more than 10 years and has worked for various productions across the globe, starting his professional journey back in 2007 and working on various countries including Spain, UK, India, China, and now the US. He has participated on several movies at Dreamworks Animation, including “How to train your Dragon: The Hidden World”, “Abominable”, and “Penguins of Madagascar”, for which he grew as a character lead and managed to earn an Annie Award nomination in 2014. His diverse range of experience includes commercials, TV series, 4d ride films, and most recently helping on character development for a variety of clients including Grangel Studio, MPC, Leo Sanchez studio, Agora and many others.

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